7mm Diamond French Hinged Doors

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 French Hinged 7mm Diamond Screen Doors

Seconline french Hinged screen doors come made to your exact specifications ready to install. The active door is installed with the locking mechanism at your required height with all corresponding holes cut into the receiving mullion on the non-active door. The non-active door is installed with top and bottom flush bolts. These bolts are operated by one central lever located above main lock cut out in the receiving mullion.

Please view all videos and read all infomation before proceeding with your order.


The sizes you provide will be the exact size we make your door; if you are unsure please ask 1300 735 405.



  • Doors made to your measurements
  • Two heavy-duty steel hinges per door
  • Single deadlock
  • Triple lock upgrade optional
  • Double door cover fitted to non-active door
  • Internal top and bottom flush bolts fitted to non-active door
  • Internal snib locking for key-less fast exit with two keys
  • Mesh options: fibreglass, paw proof and midge mesh
  • A choice of 18 colours
  • Four lock and hinge colours
  • 12 months lock warranty 
  • Fast turn around
  • Total maximum widths including both doors 1700 mm x 2100 mm.


  • We make doors square and to cut sizes.
  • Door deductions are made by customer.
  • Guidelines are in FAQ and how to measure videos. 



The 7mm Diamond double screen doors are a simple and cost effective solution for barrier screening on your home or business. Manufactured using heavy duty extruded aluminium frames and 7mm Diamond grille riveted to the frame. The Seconline 7mm Diamond French Screen doors are available in single lock, or with the option to upgrade to a triple locking system for additional security.

Seconline French Hinged doors include flush bolts and double door cover on the non-active door.

Mesh options include standard fibreglass, paw proof and midge mesh.



  • 7mm Diamond Grille constructed from aluminium
  • Available in a selection of 18 colours



Aluminium extruded door frame 20mm x 70mm, riveted to 7mm Diamond grille.

7mm Diamond aluminium door frame available in a selection of 18 colours




  • Single lock comes standard with Seconline 7mm Diamond doors, with an internal deadlocking snib for fast keyless exit and two keys.
  • A triple locking system upgrade is available for added security. 

Note: The maximum size for this price is 1700 mm x 2100 mm.

1. Measuring from an existing set of French screen doors:

If you have an existing set of French Hinged Screen Doors, and you are happy with the fit then we suggest that you measure this door and use these measurements for your new door.

Door Height: Measure from top to bottom of the screen door on both the left and right hand sides; send us the shortest of the two measurements.

Door Widths: Measure the top, middle and bottom widths of the screen door; send us all three measurements.

Active Door: Looking at the doors from the outside nominate which door requires the lock, the Left door or the Right door.

Lock Height: Refer to the Lock Above & Lock Below instructions at the bottom of the page. Then measure from the bottom of the existing screen door up to the centre of the existing striker, this will be the centre of the new striker and screen door handle.


2. Measuring for a new set of French Hinged Screen Doors:

Door Height: Measure from top (1.1) to bottom (1.2) on both sides of your door frame, deduct 8 mm from the shortest side and record this measurement. Keeping the sides the same length will allow us to build your door square.


1.1                                                               1.2

Note: A bug seal is recommended to minimise gap at the bottom after the door is installed. This can be selected from the list of Add Ons available when calculating the price of your door.

Door Widths: Measure the overall jamb, top middle and bottom, deduct 15 mm and divide by two. This will give you the exact individual make size for each door. If you end up with a 0.5 mm, round down. The three width measurements can be different; however the variation should not differ by greater that 7-8 mm. 

Active Door Side: When indicating the active and non-active door ensure you are looking from the outside in. 

Lock Height: Measuring the lock stand outside looking in, the lock height is measured from the bottom of the door to the middle of the handle and tongue. 

Lock Above: Measure from the bottom sill to the top of the existing solid door handle and add 125 mm (1.4). This will be the new door handle and tongue height.

Lock Below: Measure from the bottom sill to the bottom of the existing solid door handle and deduct 60 mm (1.5). This will be the new door handle and tongue height.



1.4                                                                                     1.5

1. Swing the Non-Active Door

Begin by carefully unpacking your doors and installing your lock handle; see note above referring to the correct snib position when assembling your lock.

Starting with your non-active door hold the door in the open position with hinge open and resting against the jamb.

Hold the door approximately 4-6 mm down from the top of jamb and mark the centre of the elongated hole in the top hinge (1.1).


Using a 3 mm drill bit, slightly pre drill a pilot hole on the mark you have just made (1.2).


Hold the door in place. Using a cordless gun, screw through hinge centre elongated hole into pilot hole and screw up tight (1.3).


2. Swing the Active Door

Repeat all steps for the Active door and close against the Non-Active door, check your locks by engaging the internal snib. If you find that the locks do not align your doors do not meet to your satisfaction use the included hinge packers to pack out the hinge on one door only Ensure that the locks are engaging and locking correctly before you proceed to the next step. Once you have identified that the lock is locking correctly and aligned, then install all remaining hinge screws. 

3. Flush Bolt Holds

On the non-active door face you will find a silver lever that activates the flush bolts. Pulling down on this lever will engage

Tip: Use something colourful yet removable such as white out boot polish to cover the tip of the flush bolt to mark precisely where to drill the hole.

Close the non-active door to its final close position and activate silver lever, carefully marking both sides of bolts top and bottom. Open the door back and carefully drill a 9 mm hole in both marked positions then close the non-active door and check that flush bolts are engaging fully. Once you are comfortable that there is no restriction and the bolts both top and bottom are engaging easily, then close the active door and check all clearances.

4. Installing bug seal

The installation of a bug seal is done after the door is installed to ensure a perfect fit. Remove the adhesive tape and apply it to the bottom of your door. For added strength fix with pop rivets or screws.

Allow the seal to rest on the bottom of the door resting on the sill. Do not push down. Using a 3 mm drill bit (1/8 imperial) drill a hole through the top section of the bug seal and directly into the bottom of the door. Pop rivet and repeat at the opposite end. 

Q. What is a Triple Lock Upgrade?

A.  A Triple Lock Upgrade is a locking system that is activated from the locking handle position and has 2 additional strikers. Diagram below


Q. Do Seconline make deductions for French Hinged doors?

A.  No. The measurements you provide will be the exact size fabricated.

Q. What deductions do I make?

A. We can only advise as to the standard allowances. Some doors may have individual quirks. Please provide measurements in millimetres. The measurements you provide will be the exact measurements your door will be fabricated. Please check your tape for accuracy.

  • Measure the overall width of the jamb, deduct 15 mm and divide by two - this will give you the width for each door; repeat top, middle and bottom.
  • Standard drop deduction: 8 millimetres off the shortest length. Both doors should be the same height. We keep both lengths the same to ensure door can be made square; a small gap may appear at the bottom of the door. This can be eliminated by installing a bug seal which can be purchased from our accessories section.
  • Take your lock measurement from the bottom [ground] to the centre of where you want your lock handle. This will also be the centre of middle lock striker. This measurement needs to be a minimum of 120 millimetres above your existing door lock or 60 millimetres below.    

Q. Why do I measure from outside looking in?

A. To determine which side for both lock and hinges.

Q. What is the Active Door?

A. This is the door with the lock, nominate your active door e.g. Left, the lock will be installed on the right hand side of this door. 

Q. Can you offer any suggestions to help gain accuracy with measurements?

A. Yes. Measure multiple times and perhaps have someone else measure as well. Remember we will supply the door to the exact measurements you provide.

Q. What if my door is out of square?

A. We can only supply the door with square diagonals. You are able to provide three different width measurements, however if there is a difference in the middle measurements, then this will be made to the lock side only. The hinge side will remain straight. This is so we don’t get hinge bind on the middle hinge.

Q. Does the door come with a door closer and bug seal?

A.  No, they can be purchased as an add on or from our Extras page

Q. Do you install?

A.  No we supply only. Installation is not difficult; however we recommend you use a licensed installer.

Q. Does the door come with a door jamb?

A.  No.

Q. Does the door come with screws to fit?

A. Yes for timber fit only - Hinged doors only.

Q. Why do you need a centre of the door handle height?

A. To manufacture your door with the handle compatible with your existing handle for both sliding and hinged doors.

Q. Is the centre of the handle the centre of the main tongue?

A. Yes.

Q. How far above or below our existing solid door handle do we put our required handle height?

A. Below: Measure from the ground to the bottom of the existing solid door handle and deduct 65 mm. This allows the minimum distance required.

   Above: Measure from the ground to the top of the existing solid door handle and add 125 mm. This allows the minimum distance required.    

Q. Does the internal snib lock the three point lock?

A. Yes.

Q. Do I need to recess the hinges?

A. No. However if there is a bow in the hinge side jamb, then recessing or packing the middle hinge may be necessary.

Q. If I have a current door that I am replacing and it has the hinges that have been recessed. What do I do?

A. You can either have the hinges placed to avoid the recesses and repair the existing recesses, or have them placed exactly where they exist now.

Note: If you have them placed where they exist now it will affect the width deductions. We would only recommend this if you were measuring an existing door that you are happy with the fit.

Q. How do I measure where to place the hinges if required?

A. Top: Measure from the top of the existing door to the centre of the top hinge.

    Bottom: Measure from the bottom of the existing door to the centre of the bottom hinge.

    Middle: Measure from the bottom of the existing door to the centre of the middle hinge.

Place these measurements in the Delivery Notes field in the shopping cart.


Once your order is custom made to your specifications it is then packaged for shipment direct to your requested shipping address via Regional Road Express. Once dispatched you will be sent a connote number; see our Terms and Conditions page for estimated transit times.

From the time you place the order your item will be dispatched from our workshop within 10 to 15 working days*. Expected delivery time from date of order is five to ten working days, any delays due to Regional Road Express delivery will be communicated to you by our staff.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions during the ordering process please phone us on 1300 735 405, we are always happy to help.

* Pending availability of stock (Seconline will advise of any stock shortages that may extend the manufacturing time).


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