Sliding Security Screen Door Galvanised Mesh

This product is custom made to your exact measurments and shipped to you direct

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White Birch
Clear Anodised
Woodland Grey
Deep Ocean
Manor Red
Hawthorn Green
Surf Mist
Pale Eucalypt
Stone Beige
Colours listed above are standard. For other colours please select the non standard colour addon below & enter your colour.
Dulux Colour chart available here.

Lock Height
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Non Standard Colour $80.00
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Product Description

Buy your security screen door online here. This security door is custom made to your exact specifications, packaged and shipped direct to your home for you to fit yourself, saving you hundreds! Seconline is the leader in selling Security Sliding Doors Online.

Custom made Panther security sliding door made to your exact specifications.

The Seconline security sliding screen door with galvanised mesh is secured into a heavy-duty aluminium frame containing an internal vertical which will collapse upon impact causing a dramatic wedging action between the frame and security mesh. This technology has exceeded the Australian standard for impact testing along with knife sheer, and longevity tests.

Seconline security sliding doors come with an Abra Panther sliding door lock with internal snib locking for fast keyless exit, two keys and 12 month warranty. Locks are available in four colours.


  • Available in 18 colours – full listing in Product Details
  • Frame size: 20mm x 75mm
  • Abra sliding single door lock
  • Lock available in black only
  • Frame interlock plus 5 x 5/32 rivets for attachment (or side bug seal where no receiving interlock installed)
  • Impact tests exceed Current Australian Standard AS5039
  • Four heavy duty rollers with stainless steel bearings


  • Galvanised mesh
  • Extensively tested for dynamic impact, knife shear and salt spray

What's the difference between galvanised steel mesh and stainless steel mesh?


      • Single lock with an internal deadlocking snib for fast keyless exit and two keys.


Making doors is our passion and our customers love us    

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RRP: $550.00


The Panther security system has been researched, designed and developed by Abra Safe to set a new standard in security doors and windows.


With advanced engineering technology researchers have achieve a frame incorporating a unique and stylish bull nose design that also exceeds all relevant Australian Standards. The Panther security system heavy-duty aluminium frame contains an internal vertical which will collapse upon impact causing a dramatic wedging action between the frame and security mesh. 

Security Door frame available in a selection of 18 colours



Birch White


Bronze Anodized

Clear Anodized

Woodland Grey

Deep Ocean


Manor Red

Hawthorn Green




Pale Eucalypt


Stone Beige




Abra Safe Panther mesh is extensively tested for dynamic impact, knife shear, salt spray, hinge and lever tests by an independent NATA accredited facility. Panther also meets the requirements for construction in bush fire prone areas.

Stainless Steel Mesh

  • 11 x 11 x 0.80mm
  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength 1060 Mpa
  • Higher Ni Content

 Galvanised & Powder Coated Mesh

  • 11 x 11 x 0.80mm
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength 1300MPa

Seconline give you the choice of Panther Max 316 marine grade stainless steel or Panther Gal galvanised mesh of which will depend on the location, environmental conditions and preferred maintenance schedule – always refer to maintenance chart below or on our FAQ page when deciding on the type of mesh that is best suited for your location and environmental circumstances. Correct mesh selection and regular maintenance will keep your Seconline Security doors and windows looking good for years to come. In addition to this, the Panther Max 316 stainless steel mesh is covered by a 5 year limited warranty.








Up to 1km from salt water or heavy industrial


1 Month


Between 1km - 5km from salt water or heavy industrial


3 Month


Between 5km - 10km from salt water or heavy industrial


4 Month

1 Month

Between 10km - 20km from salt water or heavy industrial


4 Month

3 Month

Between 20km - 50km from salt water or heavy industrial


6 Month

4 Month

Over 50km from salt water or heavy industrial




*Some may require extra maintenance due to local conditions



Whilst it is the customers responsibility to select the correct mesh to suit their specific location and environment factors, authorised Panther dealers will always refer their customers to the Product Selection and Maintenance Chart located on below or our FAQ page and advise that if the Panther wash is not used as part of the maintenance schedule, then the warranty will become void.


When two dissimilar materials are used in contact with one another, a galvanic reaction can occur, causing corrosion. Panther has been designed to help eliminate contact between dissimilar metals by;

·         An easily inserted locking block to secure  the mesh sheeting to the aluminium frame, eliminating the need for crimping, screwing or clamping

·         Using an inhibiting tape to separate the mesh from the aluminium frame.

·         Powder coating the frame, mesh and locks. Panther Wash reduces corrosion and enhance the life of your Panther Products.


Abra Safe single lock comes standard with Seconline security and barrier doors, with an internal deadlocking snib for fast keyless exit and two keys.

Note: The maximum size for this price is 850 mm x 2100 mm.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do you have measuring deductions for Sliding Doors?
A. We can only advise the standard allowances. Some doors may have individual quirks. Please provide measurements in millimetres. The measurements you provide will be the exact measurements your door will be fabricated. Please check your tape for accuracy.
Measure your door from the outside looking in.

Standard drop deductions:
12 mm. This measurement is taken from the top of the bottom track to the bottom of the top track. In other words the precise gap between the top and bottom tracks. Take multiple measurements  to establish shortest distance. If a variation of more than 4 mm is found than the door will not slide properly and additional tracking will have to be installed. (The picture below is a picture of a top track.)

IMGP9024 333X497 IMGP9007

Standard width deduction:
Take no deductions. Measure from the point where the lock striker will be mounted inside the closing channel, to the outside edge of receiving interlock on the fixed glass panel. Once the striker is mounted this will allow enough clearance for the frame interlock to be mounted.

(photo on left is closing chanel. Photo on right indicates the outside of the receiving interlocks. The position of this can vary with different door extrusions. The important point is to measure from the back of this no matter where it is located on the fixed mullion.) 

IMGP9031 333X497 IMGP9042 497X333

Q. Why do you need a centre of the door handle height?
A. To manufacture your door with the handle compatible with your existing handle for both sliding and hinged doors.

Q. How far above or below our existing solid door handle do we put our required handle height?
A. If you are wanting your handle below the existing solid door handle, then measure down a minimum of 65 mm from the bottom of the existing solid door handle to the centre of where you require the new handle . This allows the minimum distance required.
If you are wanting the new handle to be above the existing solid door handle,  measure up 125 mm from the top of the existing solid door handle to the centre of where you require the new handle. This allows the minimum distance required.

Q.Does the internal snib lock the three point lock ?

Yes. On both sliding and hinged.


Q. What is a frame interlock.
A. Frame interlock is an angled section that is attached to the opposite side of the new door to the lock. This then interlocks with the receiving interlock attached to your existing solid door as the door is closed. This enables the door to be secured on both sides in the closed position. This comes with all Seconline sliding doors seperately. It is attached after  the door is installed.

IMGP8994 497X333 IMGP8998 497X333

Q. What is the receiving interlock.
A. Receiving interlock is attached to the frame of the  fixed panel. It is a vertical channel running the entire length, top to bottom of the fixed glass mullion. This is designed to interlock automatically with the frame interlock located on the back of the sliding screen door to be installed as it is closed. This enables the new door to be secured on both sides in the closed position.

Q. What if my door does not have a receiving interlock.
A. One will have to be installed. A bug seal can be used if a receiving interlock is not already on the fixed glass mullion, however this will minimises the security of the door. See picture below. If you require a bug seal instead of a frame interlock, you must request it in the special notes.


IMGP8964 497X333 IMGP8985 497X333

Q. Do you have a showroom that I can visit?
A. No we don’t. Please refer to our photo Gallery.

Q. What Powder Coat colours do you use?
A. Colours are standard Interpon and Dulux Powder Coat colours.

Q. Can I have another Colour if I am willing to pay for It?
A. Yes. Prices will have to be individually quoted. Please email

Q. Do you do Security Grilles?
A. Yes. Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel, and 7mm safety grilles.

Q. How does your door compare with other similar doors?
A. We offer no comparisons to any other similar products. Our doors are as described. We stand by our quality, service and warranties as described.

Q. How long does it take?
A. The door is usually manufactured within five to ten working days from receiving your measurements. Shipment usually takes one to four days. Once goods are dispatched you will be sent a Connote number, which can be tracked on Star Tracks Expresses web site.

Q. What is the difference between Stainless Steel and Galvanised Steel.
A. Both are identical in colour and appearance. Galvanised is stronger with a tensile strength of 1300 mega pascals, whilst Stainless has a tensile strength of 1080 mega pascals. Stainless has far greater corrosion resistance. Galvanised is magnetic. Stainless is not. Please refer to chart for guidance and on going maintenance.

Us the following chart as a guide.

product chart

Q. Can I pick the door up?
A. No.

Q. Do you discount for multiple doors?
A. Please email for quote.

Q. Can multiple doors be made keyed alike?
A. Yes. In lots of ten.

Q. Does the door come with a door closer?                                                        

A. No. Can be purchased from our accessories section.

Q. Does the door come with a bottom bug seal?

A. No . Can be purchased from our accessories section.

Q. Can the door be made out of square?                                                                  

A. No.

Q. What is the thickness of the door frame?

A. Standard 20mm




Once your door is custom made to your specifications it is then packaged for shipment direct to your requested shipping address via Star Track Express. Once dispatched you will be sent a connote number to enable you to track your delivery online from dispatched to delivery.

Our 7 day shipment guarantee ensures that from the time you place the order your item will be dispatched from our workshop within 7 working days. Expected delivery time from date of order is five to ten working days, any delays due to Star Track Express delivery are not covered by our 7 day shipment guarantee.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions during the ordering process please phone us on 1300 735 405, we are always happy to help.

Terms and conditions

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Thankyou! THankyou THankyou. 16/05/02014

Paula VIC via @email

Thankyou, got it and it looks fantastic.  Thankyou! THankyou THankyou.

Congratulations and best wishes you are doing EVERYTHING RIGHT! 24/03/02014

Harold QLD via @email

Hi Frances

I received the doors on Friday 21 st March and installed them the same day. They are a perfect fit and we are very happy with the product. I must congratulate your company and the staff for a fantastic job from start to finish. I am a reluctant internet shopper having purchased less than half a dozen items on the web. I heard your advertisement on the local radio checked the website and lodged an enquiry. Your website is the easiest site I have ever accessed and made the whole process simple to operate so we lodged our order and then to have the doors delivered to our door in 8 days from placement of order was unbelievable. We are in the final stage of a complete rebuild of our 35 year old house and your company are the best by far that we have dealt with during this year long process.

Once again congratulations and best wishes you are doing EVERYTHING RIGHT!

Cheers Harold

Quality product and packaging 12/02/02014

Nurul ACT via @facebook

Quality product and packaging. And customer service was simply the best; thank you Keith.

Could not be happier :) 12/02/02014

Samantha VIC via @facebook

Great company to deal with. Brilliant quality, fast delivery, easy to install but my favourite part of all cheap! Could not be happier :)

easy installation 12/02/02014

Darren NSW via @facebook

Great product ,easy installation ,great customer service ,thanks

Pricing to support has been great 14/01/02014

Lyndon VIC via @email

Hi Rosie, 

Just thought I'd let you know the door arrived today, very very quick. 
Thanks so much for all your help everything from your pricing to support has been great. All the best for the new year. 
I have another screen to replace so I'll have an order in soon. 
Thanks again, 
I wouldn't hesitate to use you again or refer your company. 13/01/02014

Natalie NSW via @email

Hi Rosie,
I have received the door!!
Thank you for your exceptional service.
I wouldn't hesitate to use you again or refer your company.
Kind regards 
perfect fit thank you very much! 13/01/02014

Keith QLD via @email

door arrived today perfect fit thank you very much

The screen fitted perfectly 09/01/02014

Richard SA via @email

HI Frances,

I like to Thankyou and your staff for the ease of going through the whole process from measuring to installation. We received the screen 2 days earlier than expected ( and I was expecting it to be later than that). The screen fitted perfectly and within 2hrs it was up and secure, and no more flies. It was all to easy, and I will be going through you again when our other screens fall apart.


thanks again

regards Dick

we will be doing business again 22/12/02013

Sara NSW via @email

Just want to say thank you for ur excellent product and good service  packaged very well, very happy , we will be doing business again 

The quality is top class 25/11/02013

Jana VIC via @email

Hi there,
Sorry the feedback has taken a while but I just wanted to say a huge THANKYOU for providing outstanding service.
The security door I ordered not only arrived in 2 days, it also fit like a glove!
Super easy installation and the quality is amazing!

The price I paid was less than half of all the quotes I was receiving and you went above and beyond. The quality is top class.

Thank you again and I won't hesitate in recommending you to everyone I know.


fantastic service 06/11/02013

Sonia SA via @email

Thanks for ur fantastic service Francis

Very very happy 28/10/02013

Dona via @email

Hi Frances,
I received the door yesterday and have had it installed already. Apparently the quality is absolutely brilliant for the price.Very very happy.
Thanks so much, I will give excellent feedback on ebay. Feel free to use me as a recommendation if you require.
happy with my purchase 11/10/02013

Matt QLD via @email

Thanks very much very happy with my purchase 

we are exceptionally happy with them 26/09/02013

Luke QLD via @email

Hi Hans, 

Apologies for not being able to return your call yesterday, unfortunately as I'm teaching most of the day I'm unable to answer the phone.
In regards to the doors, we are exceptionally happy with them. The sizing was spot on and they were very easy to install. Our new home feels much more secure with them now. I would gladly purchase from you again as they were not only more affordable, but much better quality than the alternatives that we looked at. They arrived much sooner than expected which really helped with setting up our new house. 
I will gladly recommend you to anyone who is in need of a new security door. When our budget permits, we will likely be back to have some panels made up for some windows around our house.
Kind regards,
orsome 04/09/02013

Kris NSW via @ebay


What service and quality 13/08/02013

Rachael & Sean via @email

What service and quality. The guy that fitted the door could not believe how much we paid and the quality. You should be commended for what customers receive from you awsome. I will be purchasing the other 3 doors from you soon and will recommend your sercice to all our friends. Sean

Truly amazing quality 13/08/02013

John & Lisa via @email

I can not praise your company enough for the service we have received. The ordering process was faultless and easy to follow and your customer service is second to none. I shopped around for weeks to find the right door for the right price and stumbled upon your site. At first I was a little hesitant ordering off a website as I was not sure of the quality but the door we received in record time is one of the best I have seen. The construction is superior to any other door companies I have ever seen. I would not look anywhere else in the future but Seconline, again truly amazing quality, price and service. Thank you. John and Lisa  NSW

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